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Applying our knowledge and experience in the various disciplines of the construction industry, we provide complete and thorough residential house inspections and commercial property inspections. Imagine Absolute evaluates the property condition, including deferred maintenance, and provides recommendations for the property. Imagine Absolute provides assessments for both the acquisition and/or the disposition of properties.

Your inspection will address and provide you an overview of the readily accessible major flaws and deficiencies in the significant components and systems of your building and or additional buildings located on the property you, the client desires to have inspected. The inspection in general includes the following. NOTE: cosmetic and aesthetic conditions will not be considered in the report.

Client: Someone

Inspection Address: Somewhere

Inspection Date: 10/5/2013
Start time 9:00 AM

Dear Client,

This report is intended to provide an overview of the conditions and components of the above referenced property. For the purpose of this report reference to “the building, structure or primary residence” shall mean Somewhere, Hometown.

The report is designed to provide an overview of readily accessible major flaws and deficiencies in the significant components and systems of the building. It is however not designed, nor professes to facilitate the detection of all flaws, problems.

In evaluating the property the terms used (excellent, very good, good, fair and poor) are to assist in evaluating the broader condition of the property.

Not included in the report are references to specific tests for Asbestos, Radon Gas, Lead Paint, Toxic Mold, and Pest Control.



Sidewalks in general are in good condition, with exceptions, a portion of the front sidewalk and the sidewalk adjacent to the south of the screened porch slopes towards the structure and will have standing water issues, corrective measures should be taken (see attached photos). Cont.
Concrete driveway generally is in fair to good condition and if some proactive measures such as sealing cracks were taken replacement could be delayed (see photo attached).

The property generally is flat and provides very little slope away from the structure. Landscaping rock and soils located at the Northeast corner of the house should be addressed to prevent ponding water along the foundation (see photo attached). Additionally all water discharged from the gutter system should be directed away from the structure. No foundation drainage system / sump pump observed.

Privacy fence is in good condition with the exception of a fence post located along the alley (see photo attached).

Detached garden shed is in very good condition.


The foundation of the structure is constructed of footings (depth /width unknown) with cement block wall and a solid wood floor structure above. Visual inspection of the block wall, flooring system and concrete basement floor was impaired by wood paneling suspended ceiling and flooring materials. Inspection of the crawl space at the family room was impaired as no access was available. For more information on unvented crawl space go to ICC R408.3. Several cracks and minor mortar joint failure in the foundation were observed and where possible these joints should be cleaned and repointed (see photo attached).

There was no evidence that the structural integrity of the foundation or the structure itself has any major problems. Overall given the foundations age and the knowledge of past water intrusion into the system I would rate it as very good.

The concrete slab located at the screened in porch showed some signs of settling further investigation was impaired by the floor covering. Proper drainage adjacent to this structure should be addressed. Cont.

The garage foundation and floor revealed nothing for concern and are in very good condition.



The roof covering is comprised of asphalt shingles along with an EPDM system over the family room and was not mounted for this inspection. Visual inspection of the roof covering revealed only normal wear and is very good condition. A visual inspection of insulation in exterior walls was impeded by plaster, sheetrock.
Exterior siding is wood and is generally in good condition. Attic insulation and attic ventilation is inadequate should be addressed.

In general the rain gutter system for the roof on the structure is either undersized or not installed. This, if addressed properly will reduce the risk of future water intrusion into the foundation system.

The fascia board on the south side of the garage requires replacement additionally repair of the soffit on the east requires attention (see photos attached).


Exterior doors operated well including the garage doors. The front entrance door operates well however the door latch and lock system requires repair and or replacement. A cursory look at the storm windows indicated they are in very good condition. There are some wood windows missing locks and the ropes for the counter weights. The top sash of the double hung windows are painted shut and do not operate. The window glazing in general is in good condition however there are several windows that should be re-glazed and painted.

Casement windows located at the south side of the garage do not operate and appear to be painted shut additionally one has a cracked window pane. The 2nd floor bath and dining room have cracked window panes. Cont.

The basement window located at the southwest corner of the structure has some deterioration and requires repairs. There is wood rot on the window sill located on the east side of the structure repair or replacement is warranted. (see photos attached).


In general the finishes in the interior of first and second floors of the structure are in very good to excellent condition revealing only normal wear and tear (there are several small cracks located on the second floor and they do not indicate any type of structural failure. Interior doors in general operate well with the exception of door located in between the garage and the shop area. Additionally the by-fold door between the living area and dining area is out of its track.

The basement interior finishes are in good condition only revealing normal wear and tear.


Appliances were not tested however they appear to be in very good condition.
Kitchen exhaust hood was tested and was operational at the time of the inspection.


The structure has a masonry fireplace located on the east wall of the family room. The fireplace was not tested for proper draft or flue condition. It is recommended that prior to use a qualified professional should inspect and service the chimney and all its related components.


Fuel source for water heater and furnace is natural gas. The furnace was operated in both the heating and air conditioning mode and functioning well. The family room has its own natural gas forced air furnace and it operated well. The age of the heating and cooling systems is not known however they appear to be towards the end of their useful life and new energy efficient units should be considered. Electric heater located in shop was not tested as the circuit breaker was taped in the off position. Cont.

The date on the water heater indicates that it is 8 years old which makes it over about half of its useful life.

The residence has city sewer and water services. The structure is equipped with a •••”copper water main and is located on the north wall of the laundry area. The water pressure at plumbing fixtures is low as the piping is a combination of galvanized and copper pipe (no dielectric connector observed) and in sizes ranging from •••” down to 3/8”. The faucets located respectfully at the shower and hand sink in the basement were dripping at the time of the inspection and require repair and or replacement. The main sewer line exiting the structures condition is unknown. The structure has a combination of both PVC and cast iron sewage piping. The waste trap located at the kitchen sink warrants replacement. Observation of sewer vents that service fixtures was impaired by wall and ceiling finishes. All future work should be completed by a qualified mechanical contractor and comply with the national plumbing code.

The chimney that penetrates the attic floor is wrapped in an old drapery and this should be remedied as it presents a fire hazard.


Smoke detectors do not comply with Iowa code and should be replaced more information at . This should be addressed and should be installed per building code. Missing device covers should be addressed there are two in the garage ceiling and one on top of the fireplace mantle. There is also a junction box on the side of the furnace that the cover is missing.

The main wiring system is a combination of Romex and knob and tube. The electrical panel is comprised of one main breaker box with three sub panels. One sub panel is located in the garage and the other two are in the basement recreation area. Light fixture under the basement stair should be replaced with a code compliant fixture for safety.

The structure enjoys proper electrical grounding mainly in the garage and adjacent family room. Most of the devices in the structure are not grounded and there are no GFI devices where code requires such.

Overall there are an insufficient number of outlet devices in the structure and more should be added to avoid overloading the system and starting an electrical fire.

Consideration should be given to rewiring the structure from the main circuit panel and throughout.
Any future work to the electrical system should be completed by a qualified electrician.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Leslie
Imagine Absolute

Please see photos attached in separate file.

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