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The principals of design are the same for any project. Here we will show you the dynamics of designing and planning a building project of any type so you can understand the value of engaging Imagine Absolute to design anything from a dog cart to a ranch home, or this “Terrace Sanctuary.”
So how do we arrive at creating a structure like the one depicted in this architectural rendering?
Design is an interactive process. Our clients typically know what their dream is. They simply want guidance on how to get there. So we begin each project by communicating with our clients to learn their unique goals and the features they desire. This is the single most important part of the process and the only way to ensure that when the project is complete the space will be both functionally and aesthetically beautiful. Once we understand their entire wish list we are able to interpret the emotional impact our clients are looking for and guide them on the journey toward building their dream.
As soon as we identify the dream, we begin to examine the location. Each site is unique and there are many things we take into account. The overall topography and elevations of the landscape. The location of existing trees and buildings. Access to utilities, zoning restrictions, land use covenants, and easements and their setbacks. We will consider sewer depth to guarantee proper functioning. Proximity to related structures is weighed to ensure efficiency and ease of use. We will also consider the surroundings a visual standpoint to make the most of the local scenery, while minimizing the impact of less desirable views.
With this knowledge, we are able to choose the best location for the structure. We’ll create bubble diagrams to define the location of each of the items on your wish list and how they relate to each other. This phase of the process is all about you and your lifestyle. This is your dream and it needs to compliment the way you live. Businesses offering free design skip this fundamental step in favor of selling you a particular product. We do not design for free, we design for you.
Now that we have the foundation of where and how the structure will function, the architectural style begins to take shape. This is where we begin to dream big and things really start to get fun. Using broad brush strokes we sketch a basic floor plan and an exterior elevation. We’ll take into account the amount of space you’ll need for seating and the size and style of the furniture we need to accommodate. We’ll orient the structure to make the best use of the direction and intensity of sunlight throughout the day as well as prevailing winds and seasonal changes. Style and comfort are what we are concerned with at this stage and these sketches will serve as the outline we use to create the final design. We’ll work with you to select the types of materials used for the roof, flooring, and structural elements. These materials will have a huge impact on how the structure is designed and built, so it’s important to make those decisions now.
Next we’ll employ the use of computer aided drafting software to create the construction drawings, but it’s up to us to provide all of the essential details. Without our knowledge and experience in materials and construction methods, the computer will not be able to provide us with a stable or build-able design. This is the most technical part of the process and where all the disciplines of construction are incorporated into your dream.
We’ll begin by creating a dimensioned floor plan and the exterior elevations of the structure, along with cross sections detailing the internal connections and fastening methods necessary for construction. Your contractor needs this information to understand the structure and avoid costly mistakes. We’ll also need to create detailed plans for electricity and plumbing, ceiling design, and any structural or decorative elements. This part of the process is very interactive. We collaborate with you, the client, as well as contractors, engineers, and suppliers to ensure that all of the intricate details of the project have been addressed before any construction begins. We’ll do all of the necessary calculations to establish column and beam sizes, as well as fastening methods and roof pitches to account for stress loads from the weight of the structure itself, and any wind or weather related stresses it will be subjected to. Overlooking any of these steps can quickly put you thousands of dollars over budget or lead to structural failure in the future.
While these drawings are being completed, we’ll also be creating architectural renderings to aid you in visualizing what the entire project will look like when it’s finished. By the time the construction process begins, you’ll be confident in knowing the end result is everything you dreamed of.
As you can see, the process of design is at least as important as the design itself. It’s creative, yet highly technical. It’s a complicated business requiring a great deal of knowledge and attention to detail.
Imagine Absolute is here to help you avoid the pitfalls of bad design. We have the knowledge and experience to create your project on budget and on time. We’ll guide you through the entire process and help you make the difficult decisions.
So take a look around the “Terrace Sanctuary” and see for yourself the value of knowing what to expect before you build and contact us knowing that this is the most cost effective decision you will make for your dream.

Go ahead, and unleash your dream with Imagine Absolute at your side.

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